Human beings are expected to live on average 72 years.

That means


Wonder if you do at least one good deed per day? That would be pretty powerful!

But there is one more thing you could do… 

To double the good energy around us…

It's called sharing.

That's great... but how I could do that?

First, ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard this flight with Wandersell. Choose your seat in the Business class section [on the left side] or in economy cabin [to the right]. No worries, either way you can crab a free sandwich [here: 🥪 ]. Your cabin crew are here to ensure you have an enjoyable flight to the better future for all of us.

For businesses

We believe that businesses can be real game-changers when it comes to influencing people and environment.

You [yes, you!] have a lot of great knowledge, a lot of priceless experiences. Sharing is caring!

Having a company with strong principles? Do you want to help people? Maybe you value eco-friendly producing? Do you have products, knowledge or just great willingness to make your surrounding better?

Ready to contribute into changing the world?

Let us help you! 

Don’t be afraid to praise yourself and let us know about your achievements, craziest ideas and thoughts! We will help you to creatively promote your great message and products, to spread the word, to reach the ones who deserve your awesomeness! 


For others

What was the [random] act of kindness which made your day? Let us know!

Know a person who would inspire others? Wait… maybe YOU are that person? Don’t let us live in ignorance – be our Trip Report hero!

Have a story, an A-HA moment, an incredible experience to share? We can’t sleep without knowing it! Let’s integrate them into blog posts and articles, create videos and podcasts, share on social media.

It can be emotional, it can be funny, it can be sad – we all share the same emotions, we all love to laugh and love, to get inspired and encouraged.

And we all have harder moments [read: valuable life-lessons] as well – let’s show that no one is alone, let’s learn from each other!

 Don’t hesitate to write to us, send photos or videos, share your emotions… and let’s make your energy and inspiration go viral!


You can contact us HERE. In case of emergency Facebook page and Instagram will save your life. Click on them, breathe normally, contact us and let us make your time simply great. No air barotrauma. Promise. 

Wait... and you will just sit there?

No, our 💺💺 will be empty as we are about to shake the world with some positive turbulence!

Fasten your seat belt and let’s take off! Your good deed + our good deed = already TWO good deeds…