„Madle is a living example how to make friends by doing only bad jokes.”
Ethel Rosenfeldt
Wandersell Travels
  • Writes posts every Tuesday and Friday whenever something inspires.. or doesn’t inspire
  • Passionately underestimates how long each post will take to do
  • After hours of hard work gloriously announces to Ethel how she managed to change the font style [using two clicks]. Ethel replies with a profound photo of a dog
  • Is filled with joy when working outside to watch the clouds to lay out all her stuff ALL over the place and that way working more efficiently [how these things should be related, is yet to be discovered by the researchers]
  • Delays and postpones and puts off until the final seconds to the deadline to work like crazy
  • When the deadline is accidentally missed then yet again she has all the time in the world [weird creature this deadline!?]
  • Sends all more demanding tasks to Ethel


„Ethel is a living example how one can become friend with someone who only does bad jokes.”
Madle Timm
Wandersell Travels
  • Does many things, including trying to prevent Wandersell blog going down the drain completely
  • Treats Madle like a 5-year-old girl [like an equal to herself] and keeps her on track with writing
  • Edits the blogposts
  • Eats, sleeps, pets the dogs and „is very busy” when posts need to be translated
  • Stares at the clouds [when by any chance no food, sleep or dogs are not present] when posts should be translated
  • Translates, when the skies are clear and no clouds are chilling around [but they might appear any moment]
  • Sends all more demanding tasks back to Madle 


How these two manage to unite their brain halves into one functioning brain?

For ten years they managed to avoid each other living in a town with less than 100 000 people [even while attending the same high school]. Universe then made a mistake gift to all of us and brought them together on a sailboat racing from Norway to Denmark [neither of them could actually sail]. For the first 12 hours one of them was feeding the fish [who knows, knows], the other was enjoying smooth rocking waves while unwrapping the chocolate and gazing at the sunset…

[This is supposed to be in third person? Oeh, way too weird, but let’s keep it up]

After The Great Adventures at the sea it was hard to pretend being busy [tying the shoe laces] whenever they passed each other on the street. It was easier to become friends. Sharing the cloud watching excitement [„look, look, that looks like a giraffe!”] and reacting to each dog like they haven’t seen one ever before had a great unifying force. So they decided to enter to The World of Serious Grownups [to ruin enrich it forever with their ludicrous ideas]. Wandersell Travels was born. It can change (only for the better) as fast as a cloud of a giraffe turns into a Vulpes zerda [have you ever seen it!?]. At least one thing is for sure – they are doing their stuff with great pleasure and passion, even if you now close this web page for indefinite future with a heavy sigh.



Sometimes it’s just better to stare at the sky. We know.