Work with us

Do a good deed. 

Share your story and inspire others. 

Feel amazing about yourself!

Human beings are expected to live on average 72 years. That means 26 280 days. Wonder if you do at least one good deed per day? That would be pretty powerful!

What do we do?

There are billions of good deeds out in the world. We want to share those stories to inspire others and double this amazing energy. And there are tons of eco-friendly enterprises who fight for our planet and the life on it. We help to promote them and spread the word!

How do we do it?

We travel and find people with eco-friendly lifestyle and share their inspiring stories!
We make photos, videos, reportages and interviews.
We use multiple media platforms.
We lend a helping hand spreading messages to encourage people to do their 26 280 good deeds.  

Our collaboration

You can bring your unique vision to our company and share your knowledge with the world. Combining your products and our practical experiences found in our travels in an environmental friendly way, assures promoting your products from a greener angle.


Your good deed + our good deed = already 2 good deeds…