BUCKET LIST for one (aka how to feel alive alone)

Die with experiences not with dreams. – Some Smart People –

„To feel alive,“ I usually reply when asked why I am doing this or that, travelling here or there. And often these ‘this’ and ‘that’ are so ridiculously easy to do, yet so powerful to feel.

And oddly enough, it seems that the things that make me feel most alive are the things that seemed so natural as a child, but were somehow forgotten as a grownup. During the times of isolation, find this kid inside you, take a deep breath (don’t forget to breathe out) and let’s go!

  1. Write to someone that you are a fan of and let them know how they have caught your attention, how they have inspired you and what characteristic you admire the most about them (it could be fe a writer, actor, singer, artist, coach, teacher, colleague, boss, friend… believe me nobody will be left untouched by this gesture).
  2. Put on your warm layers (at least in Estonia), crab whatever mat you have with you and lay down on the ground in the evening or at night. Think of a wish (in case you spot a falling star), observe tiny satellites, but foremost indulge in the beauty of the universe and get a sense how miniature we are on this planet Earth. If you wish, listen to a podcast or your favourite music.
  3. Make a time capsule – find a metal box or whatever container that could last the test of time. You can place there a newspaper from these days, a photo from yourself (and from family/friends), write a letter for future generations (or even to your grandchildren, who might find it one day?) and add whatever your creativity brings to your head. Bury it somewhere (check that your dog is not watching what you are up to).
  4. Call your grandparents and parents and have some longer conversations with them. Ask if you can help them in any way, but also check in what makes them happy, what are and were their dreams – go deeper with your questions.
  5. Climb a tree! Maybe you still remember your childhood favourite climbing trees. Or go and discover new ones.
  6. Every night before sleep start writing down three things you are grateful for that day.
  7. Go and make a campfire! Watching the flames play is soothing and on the practical side you can burn the old branches laying around and on top of it all you can prepare something on the fire (have you ever made pancakes on an open fire or baked some potatoes in the smoldering coal?).
  8. Play around in the kitchen and prepare your own signature drink! Be it a cocktail or a mocktail, simple or next level, unexpected or classical – definitely a surprise for your friends in the future.
  9. Get some herb or flower seeds and plant them. Why not to try to grow a lemon tree or an avocado from the seeds left over? There is a reason why they say that gardener’s job is the most rewarding one!
  10. Get in touch with someone who has the same name with you – just out of curiosity. And wish them a lovely day!
  11. Again, go under the starry sky! Choose a star you believe hasn’t been named yet and –  name it. Come up with an especially creative name and try to find that special star every time you walk under the night sky again.
  12. Surprise someone with a postcard or a package. Unexpected postcards or packages always bring the widest smile to people.
  13. Start with learning a new language. Even be it sign language – could you sign „How are you doing?“.
  14. Teach yourself a cool magic trick – you can use playing cards, matches or a napkin… YouTube is full of endless possibilities!
  15. Open world atlas and learn something new about each country. If you have culinary interest, you can start in alphabetical order and prepare a meal from each country.
  16. Write your future-self a letter – you can do it HERE. Just recently I received a letter from year-ago-me – filled me up with warmth!
  17. Get in touch with someone that comes across your mind time to time, but you have lost contact with.
  18. Look at the sunrise and sunset, both during the same day. Waking up early and having a head start to the day has its benefits!
  19. Fan of cycling? Brush up your bike yourself for the spring – clean and oil it, fill up the tires with air. And if you couldn’t change the tires before then try to learn it, even if everything is still working, you never know when you need to thank yourself for it in the future.
  20. Try something new with your hair. For example, you can learn how to braid your hair in new ways.
  21. Spend 24 hours without internet, television and radio.
  22. Search the meaning and origin of your name.
  23. Dig into your family tree and find some surprises branching out from the same roots.
  24. Go camping! There is no bad or cold weather, just poor clothing or a lousy sleeping bag.
  25. Design your own T-shirt – draw your cat on it, spread a crazy message or cut the sleeves into different lengths. Whatever feels that is you!

What are you doing to feel alive – alone?

Share your amazing thoughts!

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