How to make hell of a music video in the Philippines (after all, it’s about Bahamas)

When you have been living on the other side of Earth for a while you tend to forget certain things. Like when you would like to meet up with your friends, then getting on a phone and demanding “Let’s go for a coffee in half an hour” wouldn’t do the trick. Well it does work with my local friends but not so well with the ones back home or with the ones exploring the world. Or?

Or there is Helene.

Musician and journalist but most importantly – a friend -, Helene wrote to me on one glorious day, announcing that she had just bought flight tickets. And where else a reasonable person would buy the tickets to than to the Philippines? Well… Bahamas maybe. But it wasn’t obviously the case this time.

So, I had no choice than to take some days off my work in Manila and show her around, pretending that we are exploring, yes, well… the Bahamas, because… as a wise world citizen she had written a song about the Bahamas instead. To be fair there isn’t much difference either, palm trees grow in both places and ice cream melts the same way, am I right or no. Either way, this is how we put the video together (read: Helene did most of the sweaty work):

Helene also has a page: HERE.

And of course she is the one who helps me to run Estonian Top Meetings, a project I wrote last year to bring together the youth and the (famous) people they are inspired by.

First great meeting between a young football lover, Aiki and one of our most successful football player, Joel Lindpere has already taken place, followed by other youth and sportsmen, actors, experts etc.

Aiki and Joel Lindpere: Estonian Top Meetings

Aiki told us that they had an inspiring conversation over some delicious Estonian cuisine. “Especially important was the information how to prepare for the football games mentally, and relax. I got answers to questions that help me to plan my future. Thanks to this meeting I will continue thriving towards my dreams and future will show me where it leads,” says Aiki and we are very happy for her!

Wishing you all the same thrive for the upcoming 2020!

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