Are your biggest dreams to be shared with strangers?

Honestly… at the beginning it was just such a hassle to even create a surviving connection between Austria and Philippines. We wanted to record proper audio and there we were: I was sitting in my office in Manila and Jirka in Vienna. After countless sound tests we finally succeeded. Podcast got wrapped up and I … well, I fell ill.

Completely ill. I can’t even recall anything like this from the past years, it basically nailed me to bed. On the positive side I also had all the time in the world to think, and to reflect. And Jirka’s questions were a great starting point. As a matter of fact he is excellent in good questions, but that is not a big surprise as he is also a founder of BiggestDreamers community and podcast. BiggestDreamers is an initiative that motivates people to share their dreams with strangers – surprisingly this helps to fulfill them. Substantially.

A little bit of time has passed by now. I am feeling well for a long time already, Jirka is still doing his thing in Vienna and I finally decided to listen to our podcast again. I am inviting you to listen to as well and take the time to think what would have you answered him.

What is your biggest and boldest dream?

Share your amazing thoughts!

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