TEST YOURSELF: Are you better in traveling solo, with partner or in group?

Take a test and let your friends know whether they should:

a) let you go and explore the world alone

b) stick with you and collect the memories together

Test yourself here:


You have had a best day when...

You would describe yourself as...

You score a free cake! With whom you are going to share it?

What's your favorite holiday?

How do you feel when meeting new people?

You have won flight tickets to Kenya. What do you do?

TEST YOURSELF: Are you better in traveling solo, with partner or in group?
Solo Traveller

You enjoy travelling alone – you value your freedom and making decisions by yourself. You can sleep in – if you want to; you can wake up for a sunset – if you feel like it. No need to make compromises. You are brave, you are adventurous, you are curious. You are not afraid to be responsible for the whole trip. Vice versa – challenges are half of the fun.
A Family Guy

You love travelling with your family – you feel the best while surrounded by your beloved ones. Creating memories together – eating Sunday morning pancakes under the palm tree or check out some sights – is exactly your cup of trip.
Wandering around with friends

There’s no better way to discover the world than to gather your friends together, put the tickets into your left pocket, your inside jokes into right and hit the road. New experiences will reinforce your friendship. Besides, it’s always safer and funnier to travel with your pals.
Travelling with your best mate

You love to discover the world while walking beside your best friend or lover. Happiness only real when shared, right? In addition you can share the tasks, joke around and plan your adventures together. Two heads are always better than one!

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