TEST YOURSELF: What kind of traveler are YOU?

What is the first word coming into your mind when someone says “HOLIDAAAAAY”?!

What would you put into your luggage, how do you react when something goes not as planned? Find out what kind of traveler’s genes are there in you!


What would you choose for a long distance trip?

Where would you put all your stuff?

Your journey starts already tomorrow. When do you start packing?

Which destination makes your heart melt?

It's time to sleep! Where would you go?

So you have reached your destination. What? I accidentally booked a night at dog's hotel?! How do you react?

What kind of trip would you take?

You are planning a trip with your friend. On the very last moment he announces he has to build a house, get a baby and paint a floor.

What brings the biggest smile on your face?


I love to eat...

What kind of traveller are YOU?

You are spontaneous enough to face every challenge and surprise! A master of creating memories, you go with the flow, even the worst case and situation can be fun and valuable! A backpack is your best friend and if you open your mouth only crazy and unbelievable stories are coming out!
King or Queen of Comfort

You have a clear vision of how your trip should look alike. You have a plan and nothing can change it. A vacation should be relaxing, you don't want to think or worry about details while already on the road. You definitely prefer comfy bed, fancy breakfast and transfer to your hotel over tent, bread with cheese and hitchhiking.
Adventurer in the skin of Comfort

You like to know at least generally how the things will go while on the road. Where to sleep, eat and how much are the prices? You make the research before hand. You organize but you leave some space for unexpected adventures and spontaneous decisions.

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