Trip Report: Kalev Tarma – the guy who “hitchhiked” on airplanes

While travelling I meet a lot of people who inspire me by their various achievements, their experiences and adventures, but also by their attitude and values. These ones I call Inspirational People. They keep me going, they broaden my mind, they motivate and encourage me by simply being themselves and following their dreams. Their stories are different, some of them are travelers like me, some of them are locals – but everyone has their own great story to tell!

I have had this honor to gather some of the stories into the Trip Reports. Time after time starting  now on I’m going post reports about people who change the world – just by being brave enough to do what they want to do. Yearn to get inspired as well? Let me introduce you the very first one: Kalev Tarma, pilot @AirBaltic.

Kalev Tarma ENG1Kalev Tarma ENG2



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