Trip Report: from Europe to China by bicycle

My first memory of Josh is a bit bittersweet. It was back in Kyrgyzstan and I had totally lost my voice due to cold weather. So there I was – sadly drinking tea at the hostel’s kitchen when one guy with a big beard stepped in, gave his hand and said that he is Josh. I replied with the same, well except that I’m not Josh and that actually I couldn’t speak at all with my sick throat. But the hard part was when he suddenly said something pretty obvious and I really, really wanted to make a super sarcastic joke but I COULDN’T. Can you imagine how I suffered? 😀 Hard, hard moment…

Now, to be honest Josh inspired me a lot with his story and personality. If one day you see me cycling around the world instead of just backpacking – it’s his fault.

Here it comes – TRIP REPORT number two! Read also the first one – about a pilot who hitchhiked onto the planes – HERE.

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Copy of FredrickKademan.jpg

Madle ❤

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