Trip Report: A solo woman rocks in Mexico

I haven’t met Liina even once in my life. Well, sure we might have seen each other by accident on the street or in the supermarket (Estonia is small, guys) but you know… It’s not the same as to sit down together, have a big cup of coffee and share our travel stories. That is why I decided to make an e-mail connection between Kazakhstan (where I am now) and Mexico (where she is now) to get answers for a really inspirational Trip Report.

Liina also introduces herself like this:

“I am Liina and one of my biggest passions is travelling. I have visited 70 countries during my 27 years of life, the longest stays were in Spain, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Sicily.

Why do I travel? I think that travelling is my addiction (in a good way). Every time I’m back to Estonia I start to think where to go next. I’m used to travel alone – in some strange way it’s just really nice.”



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