I guess I’m bewitched. Kazakhstan!?

I’m falling and falling and falling… in love with Central Asia. I feel like I’m bewitched. It’s a bit funny as before coming here I knew nothing about this part of the planet. I jumped into the deep water and had to learn how to swim. I was anxious but excited as it just felt exactly the right place to go.

It’s time to share some photos from Kazakhstan.

I absolutely adore moments from everyday life. Kazakhstan somehow found a way into my heart and it’s impossible to get it out of me. I don’t remember meeting a real witch who would have conjured me [even though I know exactly where she lives!], but I feel like someone still did some magic with me.


It’s hard to see on the photo, but behind the swamp there is a yurt. And in the yurt there is a witch living – far from any civilization she decoys people from all over the world. See, even a girl from Costa Rica found herself there! [hey, Angelica!]


You can see far in the steppe but you’ll soon find yourself… staring into… yourself. Maybe it’s dangerous to look into the camel’s eye as well?


Or maybe it was this magic fog which made me feel like enchanted?


Is there something magical in this food?


Can one lake even be so toxic green without someone waving a magic wand?


Or maybe this horse knows all the answers to all the questions?


Well, actually there’s always only one answer. Who else can charm me like that than people with whom to share all the magical moments!

Happiness only real when shared.


Madle ❤

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