How to cross Kazakh border [as a cat]

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How to cross the border [as a cat] between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Detailed videos, ultimate guide!! 


[Passport controller: Lady in Red]

[You: The Cat]

Part one: when the passport controller first spots you

Passport controller [just walking, then sees something interesting]: Ohhh, ooooo, ooo… Foreigner! Ahaha, COOL! Heeey there, foreigner!!


Part two: the first impression of you

Passport controller: Let me look you closer… Ooooo, you really are a foreigner!!! SO cool! Tourist!!! AHAHAAHA!

Part three: everyone should know that you’re there

Passport controller: Heyyy, everyone! Look what I found, a foreigner!!! /………………../ Nooo, she is mine, give her baaaack!

Part four: checking your passport

Passport controller: Okay, let me see your passport… Hehe, cool! Estonia… Hehe!

Part five: let’s get the boring part done

Passport controller: Okay, let’s get it done… So put stamps here… Yeaaah… Noo! Slowly-slowly please, then she can stay longer!!

Part six: baggage control

Passport controller: Okay… I’m gonna check her luggage!!!! Okay, I didn’t find anything… But let me check one more time, so she can stay longer!!!!

Part seven: double check

Passport controller: Uuuukey, so, here we go… I’m not sure what I’m looking for but I’m pretending that I found something!!!! So she can stay looongeeer.

Part eight: FOREIGNER, still so COOL!

Passport controller: Ohhh, I LOVE this foreigner sooooo much!!! I never let her go!!!

Part nine: the end

Passport controller: AHAHAHAA, what a nice day!!! Okay, bye!





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