About Travel Stress and How to Get Over It


My cover photo on Facebook is from the mountains of Austria. Me, a picnic table and a lot of clouds between the mountains. Classic. I love that photo but guess what? When I showed it to my local friend he just nodded. Barely. No reaction like „ahhhhh, SO BEAUTIFUL“ as I expected. Far from that.

How many of us have a cover photo or a profile photo from a foreign country? Something which is new, exotic and interesting? Other’s nature, sights and even people are interesting for us, but normal for the locals. It’s their everyday life, rather humdrum, ordinary, just like always.


When I was walking in the ancient cities in Iran I had to sigh at almost every corner. HOW BEAUTIFUL can everything be?? How lucky are the people who can actually live in the middle of the great architecture and ancient streets. I visited  marvellous mausoleums. Every each of them was famous, all in the must-go list. But guess what? At one point I couldn’t see the beauty anymore. I couldn’t see the details, it was just another mausoleum. Another mosque. Another waterfall, another mountain valley.


At one certain point we are looking for something bigger to feel excited again. Architecture which stunned me before transformed into boring asphalt road. I needed something bigger, something more exciting. „You need to visit this, this and this place,“ said my friend and wrote me a list not to miss any important sight in his city. All I wanted was just to sit at home and watch a movie. I didn’t see what I had but what I didn’t have anymore.

The beauty hides itself in details.

I think what helps to heal yourself from the syndrome called “Another-Something” is kind of slow travelling. At least for a while. Feel no pressure to go out to explore if you feel more like staying inside and watching a movie. Take a day, a week or even a month to settle down somewhere. Discover the magic of just being. The sights are not running away from you.




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