🤔13 most frequently-asked questions I face on the road🤔

One day I’m going to order myself a T-shirt. A T-shirt where all the answers to the most common questions are printed on the back so I could tell to every curious person I meet: „thank you for your interest, please consult with my back. If you can’t find the answer to your question turn back to my face :D“. Don’t get me wrong – the best part of travelling are people, and all the conversations and little talks. Still, there are already some questions which I get slightly tired of. So, here you go [in case we meet one day and you want to impress me with the same questions :D]:

1) Where are you from?

I’m from Estonia. [- No, not from Australia.]


Estonia is not Australia.

2) What’s your name?

Madlena. MADLENA. [actually I’m lying all the time, my real name is still Madle but for some reasons it’s easier for foreigners to pronounce Madlena] [so yeah, already my second answer is a lie :D]

3) How long have you been travelling?

Four months. [Yes, this time so far mainly in Central Asia]

4) When are you going back to Estonia? [I really hope it’s not meant like „why are you still in our country, go back to your homeland“ :D]

I don’t know. I’d like to travel as long as I feel like it.


5) What do your parents think about your travels?

Hmm, I believe they are happy as long as I’m happy. [At least I hope so :)]

6) How do you fund your travels?

I saved a bit before. I’m going to work if I really start to run out of money 😀 [you can always offer me a job, something I could do online obviously:)]

7) Do you like Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan/…/?

Yes. [and I haven’t even lied to be polite 😀 I have really enjoyed all the countries so far] [yes, I’m already in Uzbekistan] [*border crossing from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan* *Border guard: „Do you like Uzbekistan?“ Madle: „Thanks, the first 3 minutes here have been pretty nice“ :D]

8) Where do you want to go? [this is mainly asked by taxi drivers. The population of them is super high here]

I don’t need a taxi, thanks. [*In Uzbekistan, right after the passport control* *I’ve been to Uzbekistan already 5 minutes* *big sign: TOILET* Taxi driver: „Where do you want to go?“ Madle: „To the toilet“. 😀 *First time seeing the taxi driver laughing so hard*


I’ll go where my feet take me.

9) Why don’t you speak Russian fluently?

I’m too young 😀 [In Central Asia everyone seems to think that when you are from ex Soviet Union country you must know Russian. I don’t but I’m pretty proud that I can already survive around 10 minutes pretending I’m fluent. After that my Russian vocabulary is pretty much finished but usually people can’t believe it, so they just keep talking and I need to pretend [I don’t need to, but oh well :D] really hard I can understand them. Sometimes even hours and hours, help! :D]

10) Do you have a husband/children?

No, because I still want to travel as free as possible. [or: „Yes, in Estonia. – depends who is asking :D]

11) How is life in Estonia?

Umm, good? [I am always struggling with this one. I really don’t know how I should answer :D]


Life in Estonia is cold as I have heard 😀 They have winter!

12) How old are you?


13) Why do you travel?

Why don’t you travel? 😀


Madlena ❤

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