Five months of love

Oh how I wish I could post a lot of photos about Uzbekistan and tell you the whole story about how I broke the rules there! But… I should be grateful that I even have a little bit of internet here. Slooow sloow, but at least something! 😀 So, thank you, Ethel, for helping me to upload even this text!

But! More text, less pictures – this is what they call „not so attractive post“, hehe.

FIVE MONTHS. How the time flies! On 31st of October in 2017 (really, it was last year?) I had to run to catch my bus to the airport… Little did I know what was waiting for me… Everything was more or less clear only until Kyrgyzstan. Estonia -> Spain -> Portugal -> Turkey -> Kyrgyzstan -> Kazakhstan -> Kyrgyzstan again -> Uzbekistan -> Iran (now) -> ?


One month = one finger!

The very first things which come to my mind when I think back about my trip in those countries:

Estonia: My last day when everything went so wrong 😀 Out of a sudden I was really in a hurry but also found out (well, it wasn’t a surprise) that people around me are simply amazing. Read more from HERE.

Spain: I haven’t written anything about that time yet, but in Spain I had a really great week full of cool people and inspiring tasks (Erasmus+ project). We lived in a stunning mountain village called Senderiz and every night we killed almost all villagers in a Mafia game (it was just a game, okay :D). Also, I remember how we somehow got lost in the forest with Marta (hi, Marta) and Toms (hi, Toms!) nearby the village. Really random memory, don’t know why it is so bright 😀

Portugal: I spent around 3 days in Porto, they have a really great old town and refreshing ocean. One Mexican stole my cute Wandersell doll, but I got it back 😀

Turkey: I really NEED to write about my time in Istanbul, it was a really weird one (in a good way :D). We took a ferry to the university with my friend, fed seagulls on the way and then listened to a lecture about the collapse of Soviet Union. Together with another friend (hi Awesome!) we explored the islands full of cats and horses and I remember we walked a lot and made the strangest jokes. Ever. 😀

Kyrgyzstan: In Kyrgyzstan I spent almost 3 months in total, but the brightest memories are from the mountain village (HERE), and of course the New Year’s celebrations (HERE). I loved the horse-back riding trip to the Song Kol lake and sleeping in the yurt (HERE) and of course all the people, special ’Hi’ to Abdullah (Hi, Abdullah! :D).

Kazakhstan: I wouldn’t be a human being if I don’t remember how COLD can weather be 😀 (read more from HERE). Also, all the hiking we did together with Josh (hi, Josh!), especially when we could sledge down the mountian like kilometers. I still need to edit a video about this, I guarantee, it’s a lot of fun! 😀

Uzbekistan: Well, all the trouble with the rules and registrations… And PEOPLE (hi Sardor and Art Hostel and Dima and my Uzbek grandma!). And of course, all the cities and the architecture there, how BEAUTIFUL!

Iran: Well, I’ve been here less than a week but it’s a crazy country, I tell you (in a good way obviously!!). Gonna write about it right after I catch up with Uzbekistan!


In every country I try to act like a local and fit in. Sometimes it just doesn’t work 😀

So here it is, five months of love towards the world, road and all the PEOPLE. I feel 110% happy, even though everything is not like a bunch of unicorns in the middle of flower field. Oh no. But you know what? One of my biggest motivation is you! Yes, YOU! Thank you, thanks to all my amazing readers – you are more than cool – you are out of this world! All the feedback, every good wish means really A LOT to me! Keep texting and writing me, I LOVE you all! <3


People are who matter the most



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