❆When the temperature drops to -43℃❆

There is like -15…-30 ℃ in Estonia? Hehe, in Kyrgyzstan the spring is almost here! The sun and birds singing, snow melting and when going outside you don’t even have to wear gloves anymore. That you wouldn’t feel that terrorized I will tell you a story how was it like few weeks ago in Kazakhstan, when in Almaty the temperature dropped to -43℃. So minus 15℃ or 30℃ you might be experiencing there, I call it SUMMER! 😀


You can’t imagine how weird it is to go outside now. Before it took me like 10 minutes to get all my clothes on – 2 pairs of pants (microfiber leggings and jeans), 3 pairs of socks (regular ones, thermal socks and woolen socks), a top, a T-shirt, a long-sleeved sports shirt, a sweater, a fleece jacket, a coat (so practically 75% of the clothes I have with me :D), a buff, a scarf, a hat and 2 pairs of gloves. And it was still cold! I had to be moving at all times to keep some warm, my eyelashes were frosted, I couldn’t feel my fingers nor toes and at some point thought I had already lost them.


At that time I was living in a hostel as a WorkAway volunteer. Every time someone came back home, I asked (already knowing the answer): “Is it very cold outside?”. Mostly the reply I got was indistinctive growling from someone looking like a big pile of clothes. Then you had to, you know, shake your shoulders, say “prrr” and be sincerely happy to be in a warm room. Everyone seemed chilling around until the moment we had to decide who should go to the store to bring some stuff for the dinner. All of a sudden everyone got VERY busy with something, like reading a book or watching videos and pretending that they can’t hear you through the headphones :D.

The front door of the hostel was completely frosty from the inside. On the second day of this extreme cold weather the pipes froze and burst, so we had no warm water for a day. The one and only warm room in the house was common living room/open kitchen area, where everyone tried to find shelter from the cold. When someone started to complain too much over the weather, the owner of the hostel used to check his phone and say “hush, guys, there’s -50 in the capital, you have no right to complain :D” and “I guess it will be warmer tomorrow” (sneaky lie :D).

On the positive side – the weather was constantly sunny. It was a really nice view out of the window. 😀


Stay cool! It’s going to be warmer and warmer from now on!



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