To the theater with Wandersell!

So, it’s time for theatre. There are two “theatres” in Bishkek. The Opera House and the Philharmonic hall. Both host several plays, but of course not every day. In order to find out what is in their repertoire you can check [might not work] or actually go to the “theatres” [might not be opened]. Still, going all the way to the opera or philharmonic buildings is a good idea because outside there are big posters with all the information you need to know about the plays.


In front of this grey building (Philharmonic Hall) I decided that I want to attend the ballet called “Carmen Suite”. Ballet is a good option when you don’t understand the local language – you still have a strong chance understanding the language of dance. The poster was full of [probably] famous names, maybe someone has heard about Igor Kolb [Russian Mariinsky Theater]. I knew nothing, so I just simply decided that those fancy names are worth to see.


They opened the Philharmonic Hall just a little bit before the play started so most of the people had to wait outside in their elegant outfits. Some of them tried to make the most of their time and sell their extra tickets to the blonde tourists. Usually [yes, yes, but not this time] in Bishkek you don’t need to buy the ticket in advance because there are always plenty of free seats. This time – probably because of charming Igor Kolb – the hall was almost full. I was lucky to buy my ticket in the last minute so I got a discount [only Kolb knows why] and had to pay 1000 soms instead of 1700. For that I got a pretty good seat in the 6th row. Usually the prices start from 450 soms.


If you go inside to the Philharmonic Hall – voila – it’s everything else than sad and gray. Red carpet and chandeliers and young ballerinas greeting the guests – fancy! The promotion text for the play stated that “The Kyrgyz viewer will be able to attend the ballet performance “Carmen Suite” on November 26 and fully appreciate all its beauty and magnificence of the production.” In order to add to the magnificence and raise the excitement even more the play was 15 minutes late. On the other hand the break between two acts was only 10 minutes long and it ended with a typical school bell ring. In the second act there were also young Kyrgyz ballerinas, whose proud moms sent them big flower bouquets onto the stage after the performance.


The ballet “Carmen” performed by Russian ballet dancers is something superb and the Philharmonic Hall was worth to see. The vibe there is unique, I promise!




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