About us

Live wisely. Travel and learn. Share. Gain experiences, make good to others, care about the environment and you’ll get to know yourself better.

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There was an old man picking up a hitchhiker in Poland.

Hitchhiker: What was the reason to pick me up?

Old man: See… I have this plan to make at least one good deed every week. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But it comes straight from my heart. 

The simplicity was touching.

Life is not just a road made of bitumen. It has hills and valleys, contrasting zebras and views along the way. There are those who build the road and those who show the right way. Sometimes there are hitchhikers, and the drivers who yearn to hear their stories to learn something new. To scare away the boredom.

But what is boredom? What is going on in your organism when you feel bored? Can you turn it to excitement?

I love to add some scientific point of view to my videos and articles. To let them be like strong bridges over usually bumpy and crazy roads all over the world.

Smile to a stranger, plant a tree, make somersaults to make someone laugh! And ask a scientist, psychologist or environmentalist – WHY is it working like this? WHAT’s going on? HOW could I make the road better?

Our mission is to share, inspire and double the good energy in the world!




Why I love travelling? I believe it is the best way to break yourself out of your comfort zone, to push your limits and discover yourself as a person.

For years I have been calling myself a naive optimist with both feet on the ground, meaning that I always see the positive things but never forget to think things through.

Why to do good? Have you ever experienced how easy it is to lit up someone’s day? That is my motivation!

If I manage to make at least one person happier and their life better during my lifetime, I would call it a success. Trying to live a life of taking as little as possible and giving back as much as possible, concerning also our planet!



“Mm, cranberrrrrries,” said Wandersell, our little buddy. “Whether it’s a swamp, slum or desert – there’s always something valuable.”